Process IT & data management

Solutions for the integration of intelligently networked industrial systems and processes

Today, data is considered to be one of the most important resources of your company’s success. Managing and securing data at the production level in their entirety is increasingly becoming a challenge.

As a specialist in the areas of IT, Industry 4.0, Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things), with our innovative solutions we are able to collect, analyze and optimize data from all areas of your production in real time – of course, always taking into account the latest guidelines for data security.

With an MES/ERP system that is individually adapted to your machine park and operational processes, we add a new level to existing production chains and can use the obtained data to make production processes run more efficiently and smoothly. With add-ons, individual software or interfaces to automation systems that are adapted to your needs, we expand your production options and create flexibility for you.

Intelligent data management and regular data cleansing help to optimize operating costs and ensure consistently high system performance.

FEST – digital for the future

Regardless of industry, size or location, we can digitize your company’s production processes without interfering with existing processes.

We independently evaluate the process data from existing sources and/or by adding additional sensors and analysis technology. Our software, which is connected to sensors, databases and machines, combines an interface, IoT gateway and evaluation logic. The applications can be implemented compactly and on a decentralized basis, but also centrally across complete process chains, and can be adapted to the requirements at any time.

Our services at a glance:

  • Optimization of production quality and performance
  • Online data collection and analysis, provision & evaluation
  • Reproducible data storage and intelligent data management
  • Optimization of production workflows and digital processesPreventive measures to guard against misuse, theft, failure or incorrect control of data
  • Security audits and preventive IT security training for employees