Network optimization & energy supply

Network optimization and energy supply for production systems and electrochemical processes

Security right from the start: The prerequisite for your production is an optimally planned, trouble-free energy supply. We analyze, optimize and expand production processes – for this purpose, we provide a solid foundation with high-performance power supplies which use thyristor and switched-mode power technology.

After analyzing the current state of the supply networks by means of calculations or measurements (power analysis), we create future-proof concepts and optimize the performance of your system with active and passive network improvements. Our specialists at FEST offer unmatched flexibility to meet your requirements through development, construction and integration.

Rectifier and control technology

Large output power, high power density and the robust design for aggressive environments such as electroplating, metal smelting or plasma technology characterize our thyristor or switched-mode power supply technology for DC power supplies, as do the maintenance-friendly modular design, the compact design and the high control accuracy.

Applications at a glance

  • Energy optimization and network analysis
  • DC power supplies for galvanic processes
  • Metal smelting
  • DC drive technology
  • Power-to-X solutions