Leading supplier of industrial gases expands hydrogen plant

SE | Ljungby

FEST expands hydrogen plant of gas producer Strandmøllen AS in Sweden.

FEST is supplying a new plant for the production of hydrogen for the company Strandmøllen AS, Ljungby in Sweden. The new plant will be integrated into an existing production facility. Our customer is thus further expanding its range of gases.

Technical data

  • 3 MW electrolysis plant
  • Power container and PtG container as well as cooling and refrigeration unit
  • First PEM system for the customer
  • Adaptation to fast response times and changing load cases
  • Particularly maintenance-friendly design of the system

Find out more about Strandmøllen AS and its range of gases here..

Erweiterung der Wasserstoffproduktion der Strandmöllen AS mit Elektrolyseanlage von FEST.
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