Potentials & business models

We are paving the way to “net Zero” CO2, the decarbonization of our society. FEST provides solutions to produce hydrogen in a CO-neutral manner.

We enable our customers to produce hydrogen by electrolysis from renewable energy and water with decentralized solutions. You benefit from over 50 years of experience in plant construction, engineering and digitalization - and from our unique expertise in the development of PEM electrolysis systems.

A functional regional business case for competitive production and marketing is crucial for the implementation of the plants.

The essential elements here are, on the one hand, the cost and availability of the energy, and on the other hand, the requirements for the use of hydrogen.

The decisive economic advantage

  • Use of surplus electricity in an alternative value chain
  • Relieving the load on the power grid and avoiding energy shutdown
  • Hydrogen becomes part of a regional circular economy (used as fuel/mobility, self-sufficiency of local H2 consumers)

  • Can be realized with manageable investment and risk
  • Containerized PEM electrolyzers, including power supply, water treatment, compression, cooling & digital connection
  • THE driver for the incipient expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure in your region