aligned components

Integrated hydrogen production and distribution facilities

Achieving more together: Together with our sister company Maximator Hydrogen, we are building integrated hydrogen productions and refueling facilities. In addition to FEST’s electrolysis system, these contain all other peripheral elements for compression, storage and refueling in vehicles or transport storage facilities.

The integration of production, storage and release of hydrogen in one plant offers decisive advantages:

  • Coordinated components for the production, compression, storage and release of hydrogen
  • Fewer project interfaces = less risk in the project
  • Service and maintenance from a single source

From the requirement to the plant

We support our customers in the conception phase.
The essential elements here are, on the one hand, the cost and availability of the energy, and on the other hand, the requirements for the use of hydrogen. Further details can be found here:

Reference: Vienna transport services

Flexible & customer-specific

The green electrolyzers are individually designed according to customer-specific requirements regarding pressure ranges, flow rates and gas quality. An intensive sharing of experience with end customers regarding the operation of our plants is reflected in the development.

Hence, our electrolyzers are known for maximum availability, low investment and operating costs, low maintenance and servicing costs, as well as a sophisticated control and monitoring concept for fully automated production without operating personnel.

Physical separation of H2 and O2 production, in compliance with the ATEX directive

Low maintenance, high system efficiency, < 5 kWh / Nm³ H2

Adjustment range:
10% to 100% of nominal power

Designed for more than 80,000 operating hours for electrolysis

Environmentally friendly:
In accordance with the environmental and emission standards - no hazardous substances

(e.g. KOH)